Baobian Electric completed the first Qinghai-Henan UHV ± 400 kV converter transformer

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On December 26th, the first ±400 kV converter transformer developed by Baobian Electric for the Hainan converter station of the "Qinghai-Henan" UHVDC project passed all factory tests at one time under the witness of the owner and the third party, and the performance indicators of the product reached the domestic leading level.

According to reports, Hainan converter station is located at an altitude of 3000 meters, the lowest temperature is close to -30 °C, the temperature rise requirements are strict, and the voltage level of the network side of this product reaches 750 kV, the lead and the body insulation structure must withstand the complex AC and DC electric field, but also meet the railway transportation size, but also operate normally in a strict environment, showing the strong R & D and design capabilities of Baobian Electric, and exquisite process technology.

Baobian Electric undertook the production and manufacturing tasks of 28 converter transformers and 6 sets of 750 kV AC transformers at the high and low end of the Hainan Station of the Qinghai-Henan ± State Grid Corporation of China. The first ±400 kV converter transformer added strong impetus to the production of subsequent products of Baobian Electric.

In the face of multiple pressures such as tight time, heavy tasks and large responsibilities, the employees participating in the war carry forward the work spirit of daring to take responsibility and excellence, fight tenaciously, and strictly perform their duties from production coordination, technology, quality, material support, testing and other aspects, which provides a guarantee for the continuous improvement of product quality and traceability of the whole process.

Qinghai-Henan UHVDC transmission project is the first UHV channel built for clean energy delivery in the country and even the world, the construction of the project will be expected to achieve a breakthrough in technology to transport large-scale renewable energy over long distances, after the completion of the project, it will effectively promote the transformation of Qinghai's energy resource advantages, comprehensively improve the development level of Haixi and Hainan new energy bases, promote the construction of Qinghai Clean Demonstration Province, and can effectively alleviate the pressure of environmental pollution in the central and eastern regions, and promote the optimal allocation of energy resources nationwide. Provide a typical demonstration for the national energy production and fire revolution.

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